Oct 22, 2014

Hey there

It's been awhile.  Life got busy.  Let's do a photo dump, shall we?

Last we left off we were doing a CrossFit competition and Spartan race in the same weekend.  It was a LOT of fun.  Was definitely beat up though, called out of work that Monday, then was sore for daysssssssss after.  Took awhile to stand up and waddled a bit.  #worthit

The competition was fun.  We lost, obviously, but completed all the WODs.  The Spartan Race took longer than expected.  It was mostly hiking up and back down the mountain with a few obstacles thrown in.  At least we didn't have to run all that much. ;)  Pretty sure that's why my ass was sore for days, but it was a lot of fun!

We went on vacation to visit my dad in Florida for my bday.

Driving sucked. But the sunrise was worth it.

Yankee and Holly didn't get along well, but left each other alone for the most part.

He wanted nothing to do with the pool.  After he fell in. lol

Got some new shooeeeeeeeesssss :)

Grilled lots of pizza

Did a Yoga Challenge!

It appears I'm better than I thought.  Except down dog.

Cut the grass lots of times.  That shit grows fast.  We got an actual gas powered lawn mower though, it works much better than the mangled push mower we had.  Thanks Pop!

Had a mini BBQ/hang out on the porch with the doodles.  Made GRILLED cheese. on the GRILL.  Yank doesn't like his pool.  Just the toys.


I planted a garden. 
It got HUGE.

Then some nasty ass black squash bugs ate all my squash.  And then my cucumbers.  :(  The tomatoes and peppers prevailed!  We've been eating lots of BLTs.  And I made sauce.  I still have like 5 tomatoes in the fridge, and probably 10 more still on the plant.  Hopefully they turn red before it frosts!

I meal prepped.  Every Sunday.

Made some more delicious foods.

BBQ French Breads from How Sweet Eats
Pumpkin Waffles from PaleOMG
Hung out with these cuties: 

Anddddd these ones: 

Hosted a mud run at the farm:

And a CF Competition for CF Plexus:

We went to my new best friend's wedding:

Aaaannnnnnddddddddddd Yankee was adorable.  He is now officially the box dog.  He comes up with us and hangs out every day.  We brought in the baby/dog gate so we can keep him in the storage room while people are there, then he runs free when they leave.  

Told you we were busy!  We have yet ANOTHER crossfit comp coming up on Nov 1st.  Can't get enough!  This time Sean and I are on a team, together.  So...that'll be fun.  Hopefully we don't kill each other. :D

I'll report back. :)  Probably soon.  Hopefully with a new recipe!