Jun 15, 2012

It's grill season!

So we have recently acquired a grill.  Like a legit, propane, free standing, on wheels grill.  I'm irrationally excited about this!  My cousin Jill had it sitting at her house and  I cannot understand this...  I love grilling, and will probably grill anything and everything that I can in the next few months.  This also means Sean gets to help with cooking, WITHOUT setting the kitchen on fire (true story).

So far this week we've made...burgers (twice), BBQ chicken kabobs, and london broil.  All were amazing.  Oh and I grilled some zucchini and sweet potatoes, too :)

I was looking at Bubba Burgers in the food store a few weeks ago, and noticed there weren't any ingredients listed on the boxes.  Nothing on the website either.  I sent them an email and a rep confirmed that it was in fact 100% beef, and offered to send me some coupons.  Score! 

Sean making the burgers

BBQ chicken skewers and broccoli

So GOOD!  I love summer :)