Oct 19, 2015

"I used to be able to do that..." - DON'T NEGLECT YOUR MOBILITY

I heard someone watching kids play the other day say, "I used to be able to do that..."

Used to?  Why did you used to? What happened that you can no longer climb a fence? Do a cartwheel? Somersault? Swing a bat or throw a ball without "throwing your back out"?

Is it because you're older?
----Age is not an excuse.  Why would you accept that fate?

Because you don't want to do that anymore?
----Why not? Are you scared? Tired? Did your doctor tell you you can't?

Do you make noises when you STAND UP from a chair? The ground? Does your back hurt after CARRYING IN GROCERIES?  Seriously?  This is shit we do every day.  EVERY. DAY.  Why is it so difficult? Why did you LET IT get so difficult?

Watch your kids. Watch your 2-year old get down into a perfect ass to grass squat, and sit there You used to do that. Every child can do that. Can you do that now?

It's not because your old. It's because you don't move correctly. It's because you.don'

People just accept "I'm getting old" "My body hurts" "I just can't do that anymore"  BUT.......YOU CAN.

Don't accept that your body is going to deteriorate with age. Do something about it. Remain functional. Sure you'll lose some strength and mobility as you get older. SOME. You don't need to help it along by doing nothing.

You can re-learn how to move correctly. You CAN still climb that fence, do that cartwheel, move without pain.

What is it that you want to do? You thought that time had passed, but it's never too late to start. To learn. To CARE.

I never want to have to say "I used to be able to do that..."  Never.

Priorities. Your body is your most expensive possession. Why is it not a priority? Why don't you take care of it?

I'm even a victim of this.  Confession: I've been neglecting my mobility lately.

I'm starting to feel it in my lifts.  My hips and lower back are KILLING me, and my shoulders (which already suck), aren't getting any better.

I made my own standing desk at work to help with the hip and back issues, but the shoulder pain/ROM/tightness wasn't going away on it's own.

Hello, ROMWOD.

I signed up for this program last Wednesday, and have done one every day since. I kinda love it. But hate it. But it's working, so there's that. Standing straddle will be the death of me.

It's gotten me to get on the floor every day and work my mobility. That's what I need. I loved going to yoga, but it wasn't convenient. THIS. This I can do! Most of them are 20 minutes. Totally do-able.

*This is not a plug. I just really like the program!*

I'm excited to see it translate over to my lifts!

Seriously though, get your ass off of the couch and MOVE!