Apr 1, 2015

2015 Open and New Goals

The 2015 CF Games Open is over.  I did a LOT better than I thought I would.  I went in with the same goal as last year...get in the top 50%.  SMASHED that one from 15.1.  Tried to re-evaluate during the open to see what a new goal would be, but decided to just see where I ended up...

7133 (60200)Rachel Marcisin15932 (128)6590 (160)9174 (113)7098 (160)4671 (74)16735 (12:42)
out of 59,626 - top 11.9%

Mid-Atlantic Region
598 (5185)Rachel Marcisin1418 (128)586 (160)812 (113)573 (160)390 (74)1406 (12:42)
out of 4,687  - top 12.7%

18 (174)Rachel Marcisin44 (128)20 (160)24 (113)15 (160)14 (74)57 (12:42)
out of 240  - top .075!!! %

It's kind of skewed, because all the RX and scaled athletes are in this together, but hey, I'll take it!  Top 1% in Delaware?  I mean, it *is* a small ass state, but still. 

I am so excited that I was able to do all the WODs RX'd.  Crushed the muscle ups (for me!), first time I ever did that many in a WOD.  HSPUs were cake. All that strict work is really paying off!  

I didn't get out unscathed though.  Along with the DOMs that continued for multiple days after each Friday, I had a few bruises to show for my efforts, as well.

Oh hey chest to bars.  Can't say I didn't get a no-rep!
Damn MUs slaughtered my wrists.

15.5 was my worst workout.  I don't even care.  I hate thrusters and rowing with a passion, put those together and I was sure to be done for.  I'll do 14.5 all day every day over having to do 15.5 again.  Gross.  This heavily impacted my final standing, but I don't even care.  NEXT YEAR!

New goals.  I posted this in the forum at ETP for my 2015 goals - but I should post them here as well.  Some I've already made progress on! 
  • butterfly pull ups - I can get 3-4, then I lose the rhythm.
  • ring/bar muscle ups - I've gotten a few ring MUs here and there, nowhere near consistent. thisclose to the bar MU GET MORE CONSISTENT!!!
  • Be better at ring dips! - learn to butterfly the kip
  • strict HSPU to the floor - currently going to 1 BLUE ab mat.
  • freestanding handstand hold
  • handstand walk more than 4 steps
  • 250# back squat - currently 220# 225#
  • 200# front squat - currently 185#
  • 260# deadlift - double body weight?! currently 235# 240#
  • 185# clean & jerk - currently 155# 160#!
  • 150# snatch - currently 130#
  • ANKLE MOBILITY- I focused on my hips last year, and it helped tremendously. 2015 is the year of the ankle.
  • Sign up for and compete in an olympic weightlifting comp
  • Come in the top half of my region for the 2015 Open. - I did this last year, but with the shift this year...we'll see. CRUSHED!
  • Be comfortable crossfitting in a sports bra and booty shorts. Outside of my home.
  • Eat ice cream on a weekly basis
I'm adding a new one.  Do "Amanda" RX'd.  It comes up often on TOW programming.  I WILL have this by year end!

And my new goal for the 2016 Open - top 500 in region, top 10 in DE?  Top 10% overall? We'll see.

I'll be attending a HS workshop at a fellow crossfit in April to work on my Handstand goals.  I so wish that I was a gymnast growing up!  

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand a post just wouldn't be complete without some food and dog pictures. ;)

The healthy vs not so healthy post-WO breakfasts. ;)   

I'm excited to see what the Regionals WODs will be.  They'll definitely be showing up in training!