Jun 18, 2013

Snatch City, B*tch...

Snatch, snatch city, bitch.

So we kinda signed up for our first CrossFit competition.  There's two online qualifiers, and the top 20 men and top 20 women get to compete in Rehoboth one weekend in July.  I mean, I'll take almost any excuse to spend a day (weekend?) at the beach :D

We signed up awhile ago, and I've been kind of scared ever since.  The description says it's for the "heavy hitters" and I am by no means a heavy hitter.  But I'd like to be... (200# club I'm coming for you!)

Random sidenote:  We did deadlifts the other day that felt GREAT.  3 rep max @ 165#.  I figured out my issue, I was trying to squat rather than deadlift.  Don't ask.  I don't know what I was thinking either.  Thank you KStar.  #becomingasuppleleopard

Another random sidenote... HASHTAGS ARE ON FACEBOOK!  (Can you tell I'm excited?) Can they come to blogger next?  Pretty please?

Back on track.

So the first online qualifier WOD was posted early on Thursday night.

7 min AMRAP
3 Snatch 115/80
3 Bar Facing Burpees (jump over)

6 Snatch 115/80
6 Bar Facing Burpees

9 Snatch 115/80
9 Bar Facing Burpees

12 Snatch 115/80
12 Bar Facing Burpees

Continue in increments of +3 for a total of 7 min.

Not too bad.  Considering I think my 1RM snatch is 85#.  No big deal, right? lol  Like I said, not a heavy hitter over here!  I guess it could be worse.

We lugged our bumper plates to Sean's gym and filmed the WOD there.  I got 6 snatches into the 12th rep round.  42 reps total.  Better than I expected to do!

Don't mind the terrible form towards the end.   I'm working on it.  And apparently I like to walk around with the barbell overhead.  And my husband can't hold a cell phone camera.  (hopefully this won't disqualify me. :(  ...that is if I even have a good enough score!)

I did the math, and so far there are 71 people registered for the online portion of the competition.  26 women.  If I play my cards right and basically don't come in last, I may just get my trip to the beach :D

And then I can freak the fuck out and be terrified of what weights they are going to prescribe for the competition.  Such fun.  Lifting is such a mindfuck.

Deadlifting a 75 gallon fishtank on moving day should help prepare for that.  Yaaaaaaay.

Oh, in case you're wondering, Sean did amazing as well.  Got through the snatches AND burpees for 12 reps for a total score of 60.  He's got a little tougher trip to the final comp, but I think he has a good chance :)

I'm obviously the better photographer.  And can control the dog from wandering all over the place and getting in the way.

Too bad he couldn't just do his job and watch the damn clock the whole time!

If you need me, I'll be laying on the foam roller...

Jun 5, 2013

What we've been up to lately

Photo Dump!

Confession.  I've been a slacker.  I take the pictures, but I forget to post them.  Oops.  Here's some of what's been going down in DE for the last few months.

 We did a MudManX mud run in April.  It was lots of fun!! It'll probably be our last mud run for awhile...until someone gets a team together and convinces us to pay $60-$100+ a person.  :)


That's right.  7th in my age group!  71st overall.  #BOOMSAUCE

We were so tired!  But had a blast, so all was cool.

 Using up our Applebee's gift cards from Christmas time.  On alcohol.  The best way to use gift money (only 5 months later, NBD).

Took Yankee on a walk in a new to us park.  And the required cuddles afterwards!

I don't think we have enough?

Yankee getting his WOD on. 

Apparently this was the week of the "Girls" and Schmalls.  Holy suckfest.  This is also the week I learned how to do kipping pullups.  LOTS of them.  I have since developed some nice calluses to show for that.  Oucccchhhhhhh.

These are my coconut flour paleo waffles.  Except I used 8 eggs (total) instead of the whites.  Same outcome, much less planning!  Oh, and homemade coconut milk chocolate ice cream.  This was dinner last week.  #thesprinklesarentpaleo

We drove up to PNC for the Pitbull concert.  Lotsssssss of good people watching.  They were there for Ke$ha.  'Nuff said.

Sean decided to rock his Yankees shirt with a Marlins hat to the Phillies game.  No one noticed.  They must've been too busy watching me trying to eat that ginormous turkey leg.  #paleoerrrywhere

And now for some Yankee pics:

Sneaky sneaky.  Trying to get into his new treats!

Enjoying some front seat riding in styyyyyyyyyle.

Is he serious?

I cannot handle the cuteness.

For real, this dog lives a better life then we do.