Nov 8, 2013


I'm not sure if you've heard of this site, but it's AWESOME.

They sell gently used clothes at a pretty damn good price.  If you need to restock your wardrobe, are just looking for some new, easy staples, or going for a complete change, check them out.

They also have kids clothes, AND buy back YOUR used clothes!  You can send them a bag (for free!) of clothes you have laying around, and they give you money!  Either cash, or credit for the site. 

I've got lots of work clothes from here, and I've loved almost everything.  Returns are free if it doesn't fit, just pay the shipping.  (if it fits, it ships!)

ThredUp contacted me to be an ambassador (apparently I spend too much money there. lol), and offered a 30% off discount code for new customers.  That's better than their free shipping promo going on!  Use promo code: SAVETU30 to get your deal! 

They also have sales going on all the time.  The last pair of GAP dress pants I ordered were $8.99.  That's cheaper than a clearance rack!  I'm still waiting for them to carry better workout clothes. :P

Check it out, you won't be disappointed!