Jul 10, 2013

Seriously, 26? How did we get so old?

Last week was my birthday.  Remember when every birthday required a party or get together of some sort? When did that stop? When did I not care about seeing everybody to celebrate my day of birth?

I even WORKED on my birthday.  I know.  Blasphemy.  This must mean I'm REAAAAALLLLYY old.

But I more than made up for that with a(n unintentional) 6 day weekend.  No complaints here :)

After work we started the celebration with a birthday WOD. 26 (age) reps of 7 (month) exercises.  I initially had 3 rounds (day), but Sean talked me out of that one.  Good idea, babe.

(Future reference: don't let me write your birthday workout)

It was rough.  

I sported my new Under Armor headband that I got on our trip to the UA HQ in Baltimore.  It's awesome (the store, and the headband)

Then we cleaned up and went for sushi.  Sean's idea.  Fantastic idea. It turned out to be 1/2 price wine night, so sommmmebodyyyy got an entire bottle of wine to herself.  Worth it!

And obVEE we had to get ice cream. It's just not a birthday without ice cream.  And Sean got me this sweet new tablet.

I guess turning 26 isn't so bad  :-)