Dec 18, 2012

Only in Philly

Back in November, Sean and I had the opportunity to attend this gala for charity.  He donated a bunch of membership/personal training for his gym, and they gave us free tickets, yay!

Aren't we cute?
Anyways, one of the items up for auction was 4 tickets to an Eagles game.  Probably because the Eagles suck this year (and every year).  But they were playing the Bengals, Sean's friend's favorite team.   So we bid on them.  And won! Whoop! Go charity!

The game was last week.  Didn't realize it was a Thursday Night Football game when we bought the tix, but we made it work.  ;)

Headed up early to go to Xfinity Live and get some cheesesteaks.  If you haven't checked out that place yet, you should.  It's pretty awesome.  Except for the cover charge, line to get in, and pat

Nom Nom Nom Cheesesteak (it was seriously delicious)

Headed over to Lincoln Financial Field!  I totally found $10 in the street on the walk over.

The game was terrible.  Seats were pretty awesome, but every scoring play in the first quarter was on the OTHER SIDE OF THE FIELD.  Come on, man!  Then they switched sides, and the Bengals decided they were going to start scoring.  Killed me.  We finally got to see some action in our endzone for the fourth quarter.  We moved closer to get a better view, since all the "die hard Eagles fans" were peacing out of there.

Check this out.

Apparently they don't joke around in Philly.  Security kicked out some Bengals fans for cheering.  Cheering for a team that's not the Eagles.  I mean they were semi-drunk and maybe disorderly, but they weren't bothering anyone! Oy.

Obligatory cute picture:

Got home super late, and we all went to work in the morning.  I felt like garbage from eating/drinking out of the norm.  Yay for recovery weekends!