Jan 9, 2014


Oh hi. That's me.  Last post in November? What can I say.  Life happens.

Lots of happenings going on lately.  You know we bought a house.  I also got a new car, a new job.  A new puppy?!? Not yet...but we're looking!

Sean finally opened CrossFit Plexus!  Whoop whoop!  We now have a box to WOD in!  Perfect timing, too, because the neighbors were getting annoyed with us dropping the weights in the basement.  Apparently it thuds throughout our whole unit.  Oops.  We'll have to get some matting to put down there, eventually.  I still use our weights for at home WODs.  For days like yesterday, when it's literally 3 degrees outside.  Not going back out in that #thankyouverymuch.

Winter season is bulking season, right?  We ate lots of goodies over Christmas.  LOTS of chocolate.  So, we decided to go a bit strict paleo for January.  Well, most of January.  Sean's bday is next week, we may take off for that. ;)

Been making lots of gains though, bro.  #EatBigLiftBig!

My goal last year was to get a 200# deadlift, and a 200# back squat.  SMASHED the deadlift! :) Still 5# to go on the back squat :(  BUT!  My CrossFit total is now at a pretty 500#.  My OCD likes that.  :D

Even impressed myself with a 100# snatch the other day.  BOOM.  Still have lots to work on though.  Tried for 105# a few times.  Sean video-ed it.  I should be on a fail blog for that one, such a mess.

This year I  plan to WILL get a muscle up.  I also need to work on my double unders.  No specific goal, just get better and stop whipping the shit out of myself.  People are starting to ask questions.

For 2013 we planned to follow Reebok CrossFit One and WOD at least 5 times a week.  Well, we did it!  I'm so proud of us :)  It wasn't easy at times, and we had to do some rearranging for sick days, moving (totally counts as a WOD), etc, but we were picking heavy shit up and moving around at least 5 times every week.  I love it.  It's now a habit, and I don't dread it!

This year I really want to focus on my mobility.  My ankles and hips suck, and it's really hurting my lifts.  I want to mobilize at least 3x a week.  Hopefully more.  Maybe if I write it down I'll hold myself to it.

So!  Expect some more recipes soon!  I'm also posting some to Sean's CrossFit blog for the gym, to help out the members here:  Be sure to check it out!