Nov 3, 2015

Bienvenidos a Miami

Woke up to this last week:

 Your girl is going to WODapalooza!  To say I'm excited would be an understatement. I signed up immediately!  I also get a new pair of nanos! (like I need more shoes...don't answer that)

I had signed up for the intermediate division, and finished in 155th. Not too bad. But only the top 60 got an invite.  Everyone else was entered into a "lottery" for the scaled division.  This is what I was ultimately going for anyways.  I missed out on the first round of lottery picks and didn't get any emails on the day the second round picks went out. Was about to give up, but then woke up to this the next morning!  It went to my promotions folder!  Damn Gmail, trying to organize everything all nice and shit. lol

73rd and 58th were my highest places... On the snatch and C&J WODs. Lol guess where my strengths are!? I was in the 200s for all the metcons. I'm OK with that. I don't like to hurt that much.  Except now I need to.  Ughhhhhhhhh. lol Let the training begin!

C&J @ 165 and 170:

Snatches at 120

CrossFit Liftoff is this week, then we may be signing up for a comp in December that has swimming (I know).  I need to practice!

Hotel is booked! We are driving to Orlando and dropping the puppies off with my dad for the weekend, then flying to Miami for the comp and a few extra days, and coming back to hang with my dad for the rest of the week before driving back home.

I'm definitely going to have this on repeat for the next 3 months:

And in case you needed some cuteness in your life:

The "wide retriever" and "rufferee"