Jun 5, 2013

What we've been up to lately

Photo Dump!

Confession.  I've been a slacker.  I take the pictures, but I forget to post them.  Oops.  Here's some of what's been going down in DE for the last few months.

 We did a MudManX mud run in April.  It was lots of fun!! It'll probably be our last mud run for awhile...until someone gets a team together and convinces us to pay $60-$100+ a person.  :)


That's right.  7th in my age group!  71st overall.  #BOOMSAUCE

We were so tired!  But had a blast, so all was cool.

 Using up our Applebee's gift cards from Christmas time.  On alcohol.  The best way to use gift money (only 5 months later, NBD).

Took Yankee on a walk in a new to us park.  And the required cuddles afterwards!

I don't think we have enough?

Yankee getting his WOD on. 

Apparently this was the week of the "Girls" and Schmalls.  Holy suckfest.  This is also the week I learned how to do kipping pullups.  LOTS of them.  I have since developed some nice calluses to show for that.  Oucccchhhhhhh.

These are my coconut flour paleo waffles.  Except I used 8 eggs (total) instead of the whites.  Same outcome, much less planning!  Oh, and homemade coconut milk chocolate ice cream.  This was dinner last week.  #thesprinklesarentpaleo

We drove up to PNC for the Pitbull concert.  Lotsssssss of good people watching.  They were there for Ke$ha.  'Nuff said.

Sean decided to rock his Yankees shirt with a Marlins hat to the Phillies game.  No one noticed.  They must've been too busy watching me trying to eat that ginormous turkey leg.  #paleoerrrywhere

And now for some Yankee pics:

Sneaky sneaky.  Trying to get into his new treats!

Enjoying some front seat riding in styyyyyyyyyle.

Is he serious?

I cannot handle the cuteness.

For real, this dog lives a better life then we do.