Jun 27, 2014

200# CLUB


I got a 200# back squat.  I have a 215# Deadlift.  I need a 100# strict press (probably soon, haven't tested it lately).


Double body weight back squat: 270#
Double body weight deadlift: 270#
Body weight Snatch: #135
200# Clean and Jerk

No idea how long it'll take me to get here.  But IT IS HAPPENING.

Here's my beautiful back squat.

I got 195# in January, but it was UUUUUUGGGGLLYYY.  I don't think I got below parallel.  I'll take 200# ass to grass ALL DAY!

Just looked at my programming for next week.  Tuesday is find a 1 RM back squat.  So, I may be at more than 200#.  VACATION PRs ALL DAY.

I alsooooo got a 115# SNATCH yesterday.  After a 6 minute AMRAP of Toes to Bar and OHS.  BOOM.  (That's a 110#, then the 115#)

I love lifting.