Aug 28, 2012

WOD updates & Cauliflower Mashed Taters

Thrust, Walk, Sit...then don't walk for a few days
(this is no joke.  I was still walking funny 3 days later.)

5 rounds
10 thrusters (I did 55#)
20 overhead walking lunges 20#
30 sit ups

 Yeah. Finished this in 17:40. We were going to make it an AMRAP workout of like 10-12 minutes...that would've been a better idea!

Still feeling the effects of it for Sunday's WOD...

8 min AMRAP
8 pushups
8 wall balls (13#)
8 med ball slams (15#)

Got in 8 rounds and 8 pushups, whoop!

Then Monday was:

EMOTM (every minute on the minute) for 12 minutes
7 knees to elbows
1 front squat (85#)

Wow--Looks easy right?  Trust me, it's not.  I couldn't grip the bar to hang clean it up to the front squat position for the last two rounds, Sean had to help me get it up [that's what she said].  The squat was no problem, but my hands were just done lol.  I gotta work on my cleans.

Anyhow, what you're really here for...the food!

I've been hesitant to try the cauliflower substitution for mashed potatoes, since I've heard mixed reviews.  I don't know wtf I waited so long, they're freaking delicious!  I used the recipe from NomNomPaleo here, and holy shit.  Sean said they tasted better then actual mashed potatoes.  I might agree with him.  Next time I'm going to try roasting the garlic first... NOM!
Aren't they beautiful?

It definitely reheats well, too.  This was only one head of cauliflower and made 4 ginormous servings.  We took the leftovers for lunch the next day.