Sep 6, 2012


I never win anything.  Okay, sometimes I do, but I'm not usually one of those "lucky" ones.  The most I've ever won on a scratchoff is like $20, my name/number never gets called for 50-50s, and usually when I do "win" something, it's just a meh prize.

After entering like a bagillion blog contests, via every social media outlet ever, I finally won one!  And even cooler, it's something I'll use!

A little background... Sean's been getting these companies to "sponsor" him as a Fitness Director and Certified Personal Trainer.  Basically, they give him this awesome discount to wear their clothes.  So far he's sponsored by New Balance, Jaqo, and Hylete.  (We're working on lululemon ;))

So I checked out the Hylete brand, followed them on facebook and twitter to see what they were all about.  Sean immediately ordered two tshirts from them, and I'm pretty sure he would live in them if he could.  They're pretty awesome.  I wish he got a discount on women's clothes!

Last week (and apparently every week), they run a contest to give away an item of clothing if you like and retweet them.  Last week was socks.  $40 socks.  $40 compression socks.  In black/lime green.  And guess who won?!?

That's right, this girl.  :D

My free socks came yesterday (along with a bunch of other swag): 
 How cool are these????

of course yankee had to get in there.
Too bad we don't have a crossfit box to show them off in...but we are playing fall ball in a few weeks!  Totally wearing them for that :)

Yes, you can stop making fun of me now for being excited about SOCKS. (but you have to admit, they are pretty sweet)

Here's the rest of the goodies we got from Amazon (love Prime shipping!):
Sean's new golf glove (apparently he lost the old one), Atkins baking mix (1g of sugar and 20g of protein!!!), coconut flour, and stevia (never tried it before)

What else we've been up to:

Some delicious pork roll, egg, and cheese after a 5k run on the boardwalk last weekend

How I found our dog when I went to go to bed.  Don't worry, I don't need any room to sleep or anything.

That can't be comfortable.

So fresh and so clean!

It's that time again...pumpkin donuts!

Helping me draft for my fantasy football team (or just looking cute)

I'm also pretty irrationally excited for fall.  Football started last night (Giants LOST!!!), and I just emailed my mom to set up a date to go apple picking.  Four cans of pumpkin are in my pantry.  And I cannot wait until this freaking humidity goes away.  Ugh, gross.

What are you excited about?  Have you won anything lately?