Aug 21, 2015

Oh, hey

So, it's been a hot minute.

Been busy lifing over here.  Work got insanely busy, training got insanely awesome.  It's been a busy summer of fitness. [insert cheese]

Started a new job closer to home earlier this month (oh hey promotion!), and have been enjoying all the extra time I have now that I don't have a commute!  So much time for activities!

News, news, news...
Still following eat to perform (I'm now coaching certified!), still following the outlaw way.

OH! I have to tell you about my first weightlifting meet! It was awesome.  I waited til a little last minute to cut weight, and I'm apparently a head case when it comes to these things, but other than that, it went great! Ha.

I was sitting around 131-133lbs about 2 months out and asked in the ETP forum about cutting down to be a 58kg.  They suggested adding more carbs, instead. Well, okay then...I wasn't going to argue.  I did just that. Didn't gain any weight (yay!), but didn't lose any either. About 3 weeks out I put myself on a sort of mini-cut til I was at 129-130 a few days before.  Then lots of cardio, protein, and a liquid diet til the day of.  Woke up at EXACTLY 127.8lbs.  Couldn't get any more perfect, except I felt like shit. lol  Dehydrated and anxious is not a good mix for me.  Weighed in (after I peed and lost my shirt to make the weight), and then drank alllllllllllllllll the electrolytes. And ate some protein pancakes.  Learned the hard way...DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!  haha.  Oh and the monster pre-WO on a basically empty stomach probably wasn't my best idea.

So after I drove Sean crazy for the hour wait stressing out about anything and everything, it was time to warm up.  You guys, kilos are HARD.  There were 3 other girls attempting similar weights for snatch, so I just worked in with them. Thank God.  We had my cheat sheet, but converting on the fly with 1 and 2 and 5 kg plates is SO confusing.  Note to self: Get some kilo plates to train with.

I started with 53 (116) for the snatch - hit it, but was feeling rushed, so it didn't feel very confident.  A little sloppy even.
Went up to 56 (123) for my 2nd attempt...threw it over my head. Literally.
Was planning to hit 58 or 59 for my third, but wanted to get a 2nd successful lift, so I re-did 56. It was pretty this time. :)

Staring out in the crowd and to have everyone silent and just watching's something else. Gonna take a little getting used to.

The food and monster must've started to settle, and I felt a little more comfortable for the C&J. I was getting in my head because the other girls were starting with higher numbers, I had planned to start lower and take bigger jumps.  I thought they were doing the same. I was in contention to win after the last girl failed her 60kg snatch, but this was throwing me off. Decided to just say fuck it, and hit my numbers.

Started at 64 (140), hit it clean.
Then 68 (149)- again, no problem. The commentator told me it was a "very nice lift" :D:D
Decided to stay conservative and hit 73 (160) for my final. I was more confident in this than 75. Hit it. A little walking around, but it was a good lift. :)

Finished with a 129 (284) total, which was 1kg over the next girl for a gold medal. Whoop!

Def learned a few lessons. I probably could've went up 1kg for my 3rd snatch attempt. And maybe 74kg for the last C&J.

Need to work on my mental game. I was literally all over the place. Once I settled down for the C&J it was a little better. Watching everyone else helped, too.

It goes a LOT faster than I thought it would.  I thought I'd have more down time between lifts. NOPE.  And the switching of athlete attempts is kinda watch. Not experience. lol

The food afterwards made it alllll worth it. Mighta ate myself into a stomach ache though. Oops.

After I got my promotion last month, I went ahead and ordered some new Nikes, that' I've been eyeing up forever now...
Which OBVIOUSLY lead to some more PRs. Well, A PR. A snatch PR. A HUGE snatch PR.

150 lbs over my head? Nice to meet you.  

Seriously though.  My 1 RM clean and jerk is 165. Haven't seen a C&J PR in a few months. This is too close. I need moar squats!

Looking into getting some more specific barbell programming. Not sure where though. It looks like most of the good stuff I'll have to pay for.

I've also done at least 3 competitions and a Spartan race (from hell) since my last post.  (told you I was busy!)  Nothing currently planned, laying low for the rest of the summer.

So that's what's up! Been eating, and lifting, and winning at life!  :)

Seriously own office?  YES.