May 20, 2014

Squats, Squats, Squats, squatssquatssquats, EVERYBODY!

So.  This super extreme amount of volume in Outlaw training is intense.  I'm a little over a month into it, and realizing how much I suck at CrossFit.  haha.

HS walks are not my forte.  Legless rope climbs are pretty much impossible (currently).  I cannot correctly squat clean anything over 100#.  (I LIED.  I squat cleaned 125# last weekend.  Whoop whoop!)

BUT I CAN PR!  110# squat snatch PR a few weeks ago.  140# clean, 140# jerk (not together, yet).  215# DEADLIFT! WOOOOO!

I also got 7 unbroken strict pull ups, and 50 unbroken DUs!

The programming is intense, but it definitely yields PRs.  I like it, but considering not strictly following it forever.  Maybe I'll give it 6 months? A year?  It takes me at least 2 hours a day to complete all the work, and sometimes longer if the conditioning WOD is particularly difficult.  Ain't nobody got time for that.

One thing that's increasingly frustrating, but I DO like, is this programming is making me a lot more aware of my weaknesses and faults.  Like that I cannot easily squat below parallel.  I knew this, but I'm seeing it transfer over into pretty much everything.  I've been trying to incorporate more mobility.  AKA KStar's 10 minute squat challenge.
Whaddup gangster
It sure does get boring and painful down there.

Currently they're programming a Hatch Squat Cycle for front and back squats.  It's deceptively heavy, but rewarding.  And what I like about the "lighter" weights, is that I can focus on getting below parallel, without having to worry about dumping the weight or hurting myself.  So that's fun.

Hopefully by the end of this I'll come out with some squat PRs!

We might be signing up for a few competitions this summer.  Plus a Spartan race (in the mud this time!) and Regionals THIS weekend!  Sean got all his info on being a judge, and I got a new DSLR camera.  We're ready!  I'm bringing a backpack and some cash so I can collect aaaalllllllllllllll the swag.  Can't WAIT!

Fortunately this week is a de-load week, but the squat cycle is still heavy!  I'll be doing 185x2 for my back squat today.  Wish me luck.