Mar 12, 2014


I was thinking the other day how much easier my life is with my smartphone (::cough::ANDROID::cough).  And Google.  I use Calendar to meal plan/keep track of bills/plans/birthdays, Google+ uploads my pictures every night for easy access, Gmail is sent immediately to my phone, I use Hangouts/Gtalk to talk with my husband all day long while being able to work....  It's just amazing!  And I know that there are even more features that I don't even use...yet.

The bad news is my phone/Nexus is also covered in olive oil, chicken, sauce, flour, dough, everything else you could think of, since it's ALWAYS with me in the kitchen.  All my recipes are in Google Calendar, and I'm constantly referring back to what the next step is while in the middle of the recipe.  Totally dropped my phone in pizza dough last night, whoops.  Thank God for Otterbox!

And I'm totally that loser checking items off my to-do list on my phone at the mall/grocery store.  Swiiiiiiiiiiiipe, DONE!  It's kinda more satisfying then destroying tons of paper lists ;)

Some other Google apps to check out:
Currents - I use this to follow a few different CrossFit blogs/sites to find WODs.  Then I put them on our Calendar ;)

Music - You can upload all your music to Google Music, then play it from your phone/tablet anywhere!

Docs/Drive - Unfortunately this seems to be blocked at my work, but this is awesome for creating/sharing any Word/Excel type documents.  We're currently using it to log workouts.

Google Tasks/ - I add items to my google tasks in the calendar, then sync it with app on my phone.  I can also send stuff to my husband to add to his  Honey do list!

Google Maps - I use this all.the.time.  Never get lost again :)  Latitude doesn't always update as much as I'd like, but I'm sure it will get there.

Chrome - Only the best browser ever... on the computer.  It'ssssssss a little slow on the phone.  I'm sure they'll get there.  I hope.

Offers - This isn't so much an app as it is a service. (but they do have an app!)  It's like Google's version of Groupon.  Pretty awesome.

Voice - I hate Verizon's voicemail.  Google voice gets all my voicemails, and converts them to text.  Most of the time it's pretty accurate, other times it's just downright hysterical.

The best part is the SYNCING.  You can also have all of these apps/websites on your computer.  And it automatically syncs with your phone/tablet.

This stuff makes my life SO MUCH EASIER.  Let me know if you have any questions on how to use any of the above, I'd be glad to help!  Now that I sound like a Google whore...

What apps can't you live without?

I used to LOVE Google Reader as well, but that died a sad, untimely death.  I'm stuck with Feedly's not terrible.