Apr 26, 2012

Suburban Organics

I've been trying to find a local CSA or someplace that offered fresh, local, organic fruits and veggies for pickup or delivery in my area for while now.  There was a living social deal a few months ago to Suburban Organics that I jumped on.  $15 for a $25 box of fruit or veggies, delivered right to my front door? Okay!  I went on their website a week or so later to place my order, and saw they didn't have any availability until mid-April, so I decided to wait a little bit.  I placed the order in the beginning of April instead and just got my box yesterday!  Hello Adventurous April!

As promised, they sent me an email last Friday confirming the contents of the box, and let me know I can log in and change up to 5 items if I wanted.  The original box contained:

1 ea. Mango
2 ea Grapefruit Ruby Red
2 ea Bartlett Pears
3 ea Gala Apples
2 ea Kiwi
4 ea Banana
2 ea Fuji Apples
2 ea Navel Oranges

I switched out the oranges for some arugula, since I had just bought a few lbs of them, and kept everything else the same.  The box arrived in tact, with a :-) drawn on the front.  So cute! 

Here's what we got! 

They deliver to pretty much all of NJ, parts of Delaware and Pennsylvania.   I've been wanting to find some place that had local/organic fruits and veggies nearby, and I just might have found it!  I bought the next living social they put out too, so I'll definitely be ordering again ;)

I made a Green Monster with some of my fresh fruits:
1 banana
handful of spinach cubes (I had blended up some spinach with almond milk and froze them in ice cube trays)
1 mango
1 scoop protein powder
6 oz coconut almond milk
Blend away!